Wednesday, November 29, 2006

NATO 2006 summit is over

The 2006 Summit is over and it proved that even 2,37 mlj. country is able to organize such an event. It was probably costly but nobody can deny that investing in ones future security is foolish decision.
Compatibility of military hard- and software and civilial control of the military are important aspects for NATO membership. However, recognition of human rights and effective liberal democracy are perhaps even more imprtant. The latter two aspects are particularluy important for Latvia and Lithuania, because there is still a list of homeworks to be done. The list includes corrupt legal and political systems. Estonian workers also do their labors outside Estonia, but, hei, it is nowhere close to Latvian and Lithuanian laborer who have hemorraged their resspective countries. About 400 000 lithuanian (unofficial data) and 76 000 Latvians (almost official data from Latvian Embassies in IRL and GB) have fled their homes with or without families, thus policy makers in Riga and Vilnius, what do you say?
You want to solve demographic situation by raising montly payment for young mothers??!! But where these kids are going to study and work later? How come you do not understand that the perpetuated system of corruption does not allow to upgrade the system of education and perform structural reforms of the economic system???
These are just few of questions to Latvian and Lithuanian shady politicians (Estonians might sneer that their ''oldtimer'' Savisaar and Reiljan aint any better), but my own answers and propositions shall come next week.

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