Sunday, June 7, 2009

After elections (updated)

Life will go on after elections even though I was not elected in the European parliament this time. Many thanks to all he supporters and people who endorsed me. Its midnight and I have to catch up with certain tasks being delayed due to the elections campaign. Estonian daily asked opinion piece about the EP & municipal elections in Latvia, and tomorrow I would follow with my own reflections in English.
I did not have time to write my evaluation of election results yet. There is certain post-election blues feeling in Latvia and latest announcements of the government are not encouraging at all! First, the Prime Minister came with an announcement about budget cuts (Ls506 400 000 in 2009, and about the same sums also in 2010, 2011, 2012!!!!) day after elections, thus deservedly earning ranting of traditionally reserved former president Vaira Vike Freiberga. Second, the Minister of Finance contrary to his and his party´s earlier announcements came out with a scandalous announcement yesterday about plans to abolish the mandatory income declaration system for Latvian politicians as it exists now! This news was immediately picked up by the Diena columnist Pauls Raudseps. He concluded that if the government cannot implements the system of financial control over the expenses of officials now, when the PM overlooks the work of Corruption Prevention bureau (KNAB) and the Minister of Finance oversees the work of Latvian Revenues Service, then when would they?
The latter news make me sad but in the meantime relieved about my decision last year to leave ranks of ``New Era`` party. How unfortunate news these are, but I still hope that the proposed consultations among New Era, Civic Union and Society for Different Politics would bear some fruit, and we could be united prior upcoming parliamentary elections. Until then there will be a lot of consultations and trying to downplay unusually high self-esteems of some Latvian politicians. Political environment in Latvian could be characterized as middle class anarchy now, and Gatis Sluka had a similar view on the present situation:)

Text in Latvian: ``Everything is gonna be alright!``

Friday, June 5, 2009

Latvian traditional voters expecting their mesiah coming?

Tomorrow there are the European Parliament and municipal elections in Latvia. During the election campaign I witnessed rather many people who expected new mesiah coming. Indeed, and also Gatis Šļūka had a similar feeling for the upcoming voting:)

Text in Latvian:

There are only idiots in the goverment! When are we going to see new persons there?

I am going to run for the office! What, are you an idiot?

Thursday, June 4, 2009