Sunday, June 3, 2007

Discreditation of the presidential institution?

On Friday the Ministry of Foreign Affairs nominated Ms Lelde Tipāne (22.years old!) as newly elected president's foreign policy advisor. This news was transmitted by V-Diena and Delfi and it created rather stormy discussion in the www forums, until the update came from the Ministry itself, explicitly stating that Ms Tipāne cannot be considered his foreign policy advisor, because she would advise newly elected president only about the questions concerning diplomatic protocol. Ok, clarification was very much timely but it still does not allow me to understand how the newly elected president wants to be independent from the influence of the present governing coalition parties?

Mr. Zatlers unending relationship with his two advisors, Mr Beļskis (Peoples Party) and Mr Silenieks (Union of Farmers and Greens) makes me wonder whether he is able to be as independent as he advertised himself during the pre-election interviews. Newly elected president admitted that Mr Silenieks himself offered his services, thus while elected now, Mr Zatlers could simply terminate Mr Silenieks & Beļskis services.

Why the hell there is a need for advisors if they could not even deter him from participation in the ill-famous press conference in Saeima on May 31? Does Mr Zatlers understand it at all? Now with Ms Tipāne nominated as his advisor concerning diplomatic protocol, where does he want to get with this? Even with a law education Ms Tipāne has worked in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs only a year, and she CANNOT HAVE the thus needed professional experience. I am very much waiting for Mr Zatlers to have his say about his newly created team members and what qualifications he deems to be important? In case he will stick to the present advisors would make me reckon that all this election affair is simply poorly managed political farce with so many unknown factors influencing decisions of a very narrow group of decision makers in Latvia.


Jānis Bērziņš said...

I would say of the State. They are crazy. This girl was responsible for the CATERING of NATO's meeting. Shame on you coalition.

Baltic said...

Hola Jānis! Catering in NATO summit is a good experience indeed:), but my question was whether she is qualified anough about diplomatic protocal after one year in the service of the state?? Is the Ministry short of human resources or what???

mel said...

It's sometimes better to have ignorance than evil in areas of influence... Would this be better?

* Lembergs has tons of experience, maybe he can be the energy advisor;

* Skele can be agricultural advisor;

* Slesers can be bridge traffic advisor;

* Udre can be European Affairs advisor;

* Kristopans can be sport advisor;

* and Spolitis can start the impeachment referendum drive! :O

Baltic said...

Cheers Mel! Aye, aye, aye, a sarcastic person you are:) Shall wait what else the life shall bring us, becausev right now there is stillness in the air, and opposition does not show even teeth...

Anonymous said...

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Joella said...

Well, I do not actually imagine it may work.