Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Its sunny September day

End is good, all is good! Just finished lecturing first year students, packed my papers, collected unfinished paperwork and trying to quickly drop a line into the blog. I am on the way to the RIX international, to fly to Istanbul. The day is so nice after a constantly gray sky that reigned here for a week, that I just do not have anything else to add.

Latvian politicial sphere stays where it is, and Administrative reform of local municipalities after 10 years of calvary was finally accepted in the government! Finally, it still needs to be approved in the rubber-stamp parliament. So far so good! It is absolutely unscientific, but whenever I have left Latvia lately, there has been something rather extraordinary going on (Maire of Ventspils arrested, Speaker of the Parliament suspected to be in the list of Lemberg's stipend receivers). Shall se, what news will come this time? Anyway, enjoy the rest of the week friends and acquitances, and I shall celebrate my birthday upon return back in Riga this Sunday:)

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