Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Reconfiguration of the political landscape

LETA announced yesterday that also Inese Vaidere and Guntars Krasts (TB/LNNK-MEP) left Fatherland Union party, but apparently such news were premature. However, it was announced during the Latvian TV evening news that Mr Kristovskis (former TB/LNNK) and Sandra Kalniete (former JL) would form a new conservative party. Both persons were in the TV studio and confirmed such news.

There are many options for new constellations among political forces in the parliament and outside it. Probably there will be more news on Friday, thus it will be possible to analyse ongoing events. Right now, as my good friend Dr Axel Reetz omenously said, there is hardly a chance to use Western political science methods to predict future development of Latvian events, thus it is easier to use psychologists methodology instead... .

P.S. Now, with the new parties established it will take time to establish power base. Mr Štokenbergs&Pabriks already try hard, New Era (JL) is preparing for the emergency congress on March 1, probably Kalniete&Kristovskis will get something together. In the meantime news will be expected from Prosecutor General office about possibly new indictments vis-a-vis corrupt political minigarchs.
p.p.s. I still stick firmly to my belief that snap elections are needed in this country in order to make civil society feel that they can turn the tide!


Anonymous said...

This is just ridiculous, another sign that these people only think of their egos. People are not ready to work with others and end up creating a plethora of parties.

Years ago Skele was the answer. Then it was Repse. It was even Cevers at one point. This is such a horrible Latvian political disease to link political parties to just personalities -- rather than true political persuasions.

If Kalniente is going to collude with Kristovskis -- who is himself compromised by the A-team (I witnessed this first-hand) and fleeing the DM job for a higher-paying MEP job -- then she is fooling herself, and has wasted all the political capital she has built up over the years. She's no better than any of them.

Shame on all of them.

Baltic said...

You are right, and WHAT DO YOU EXPECT from persons willing to ensure their retirenment package only??? Probably some kind of inter-generational dialogue would help, because seeing Leninist traditions still very much flourishing I DO UNDERSTAND WHY YOUNGER GEREATION WANTS TO LEAVE this project Latvia Ltd...

Anonymous said...

Latvia is falling apart. Kristovskis got his money and now wants more. Maybe he wants to succeed Lembergs.

Latvia Ltd, my friend, is near insolvency. The leaders are morally bankrupt, only interested in filling their own coffers via Parex to Cyprus. Ridiculous.

As many people feared after the restoration of independence, after winning centuries of occupation from east and west, the only people that can doom the Latvian nation are the Latvians themselves.

New parties do little if there is no "clean hands" moda Italia (well, before Berlusconi all but "erased" their effects). The money system is still in place, and there will be no changes. Latvian politics will, sadly, be sold to the highest bidders for the next generation or two.

Sad, very sad. Do you suppose that the number of Latvians in the UK and Ireland will reach 25% of the population of Latvia before there is another Saeima elections?

Baltic said...

My dear friend,

I guess you are too pessimistic whilst looking from faraway:) Battles might be lost, but if it gives a chance to win the war, then it is worth fighting isn't it?

One PM already lost his fight and I do not believe that opposition could win it, especially in Latvia. There is need for blood transfusion and clean up, and that IS EXACTLY WHAT IS STARTING TO HAPPEN right at thim moment!

Patience my friend:)