Saturday, May 31, 2008

Preparing for the "hot" political summer

I am back in Latvia now. I was silent for the last two weeks due to several reasons, and my marriage was the most important of them! Yesterday I returned back from conference in Zagreb and after finishing the article most of my devoted readers will be able to learn what we were talking there.

Latvian politics is still murky due to illegitimate parliamentary elections in 2006. Several politicians from the governing coalition already try to position themselves before the upcoming elections. Former rumours about the short lifespan of the incumbent government were approved by the Saeima Head of the Foreign Affairs Committee Mr Andris Bēržiņš (LPP). Being the member of the PM party he openly argued that there is alleged plot prepared to topple the existing PM from his office in October 2008. Actually it sounds like an announcement from a child trying to get attention from his peers. His announcement was discussed in the media for some time, but it rather expectedly calmed down.

Next Thursday the parliament must answer to the question - whether they will open the road to the referendum or they will accept the constitutional amendments proposed by the Union of Free Trade Unions? Next Wednesday the opposition New Era party want to know what is the government doing in order to reign in economic slowdown in Latvia. After those two questions answered the biggest question of contention will be on agenda - what to do with the proposed amendments in pension laws?

The Summer is going to be hot and I predict that it has all potential to lead to snap election in coming autumn. My reasoning for that I shall reveal in some forthcoming posts. In the meantime for those of you who read Latvian you may also read my thoughts about the ratification of the Lisbon Treaty and its consequences on Latvian business environment in Dienas Bizness.


KT said...

palju õnne, naisemees:)

mis sa sellest Lissaboni-asjast arvad - kas seda saab kunagi ka mõnes muus keeles lugeda?

Baltic said...

Taenud:) Lisaboni asjast teeks niimoodi, et kui BA ja MA toeoed tuleval naedalal tōlgitux saavad, siis tōlgin seda inglise keelde, ja saadan ABVK listi viitega:)

Baltic said...

Sorry Karmo, mōtlsein et kui BA ja MA toeod RSU's kaitstuks saavad:)