Friday, August 21, 2009

The 20th Anniversary of Baltic Way on threshold

I am about to return to the shores of the Baltic Sea tomorrow after having a very productive summer. The 20th Anniversary of the Baltic Way is under way, and I am going to participate together with my family in quite few of the events taking place throughout Eesti, Latvija and Lietuva. This entry is just a small reminder about my return from paradise into civilization. Concise updates on Baltic politics would definitely resume in September, because the coming autumn appears to be rather tough both for the Latvian people and leaders. Lithuanian and Estonian economies are surviving, and lets see how quickly the trend in the EU's biggest economies of slow coming out of the global recession would arrive to the Eastern shores of the Baltic Sea.

P.S. At the same time I am adding a piece that was commissioned by the Baltic Times and appeared in August 13, 2009 issue. For those reading Latvian there was a piece that appeared in Diena in early August.


KT said...

paradiisist tsivilisatsiooni ... hmmm, mõlemad suhted on üsna shtelised, kas pole? :)

Veiko Spolitis said...

Istanbuli tervitused! Suhtelised jah, kuid arvestades sellega, et olles Eegea mere aeaeres ilma www yhenduseta (laehim www cafe asus 20km kauguses kylas - köy türgi keeles:) sain disertatsioonıga kaugele, siis see tundus kui paradiis. Praegu siis tsivilisatsioonis ja varsti juba tagasi Baltikumis. Kuulmisenı!

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