Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Latvian "minigarchs" preparing for what?

Last week the Union of Greens of Farmers (UGF) announced that their PM candidate in forthcoming elections would be criminally indicted Aivars Lembergs - first A of the AAA team. Today the second A of the AAA team - odious Andris Šķēle and his gangstas [state captor's to be politically correct:)] People's Party - should reveal the messiah program for leading Latvia out from present valley of sorrow. The third A of the AAA team - the Vice Major of Riga Ainārs Šlesers - already loves to bluff in various media channels that he is definitely going to be the next PM. Regardless of all the nonsense and bluff coming from all the AAA members one theme unites them - they have no idea about the win-win sets, and the only game for them in town is the zero sum game! According to their spin doctors, whom they have entrusted their fortunes, they want rather pathetically to run for the October 2010 elections as strong leaders and the PM candidates...

Let spin doctors spend their "minigarch" resources! The democratic alternative (New Era, Society for Alternative Politics, and Civic Union) should not participate in this half crazy spin doctor imaginative dream, but provide the democratic and Europeanized alternative to the ludicrous rat race:) The democratic party union during upcoming week should come out with the new name and the consolidation process within the democratic camp is gradually evolving.

P.S. To readers who read Latvian here is just the first result of our joint research project with Axel Reetz in yesterday's CitaDiena


Anonymous said...

It´s amazing how can these same politicians fool people again and again. Where is their "CV" nobody asks! What have they done before, except filling own pockets? Why just listen to promises of good to come? Step by step the deepest crisis starts to be passed, and most possibly the next prime minister can pick up the cherries and glory of being The One to lead country into the sunlight again. Lembegrs gave up for now. Maybe he has much easier position there in Ventspils as we all know. But to be honest, if he could do same to Latvia what he has done for Ventspils, things could be better here....and he would be even richer himself. Our current prime minister is not bad, but he feels to be little bit too much the puppet of IMF and too invisible. Latvia needs the strong one. Colourful person who also cheer up the people and be the part of nation him/herself. Not again some oligarch searching for more own financial benefits via dummy companies. No thanks.

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