Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Ignorance cannot get any better...

Instead of working the way out from the economic malaise the Latvian fragmented and corrupt political class continues playing reclessly dangerous games. While the trust in major institutions of representative democracy have literally evaporated, and economy stalled so called opposition politicans obstruct forming of wholesome Latvian Cabinet. After the Peoples Party (PP) left the governing coalition, it has played a nasty game. Since 2004 PP was continuously member of the government. Now the tactics of PP representatives, whose minds are poisoned with fancy and abstract models of public relations ''theories'', is to act oportunistically and blame all the wrongdoings on their former colleagues and incumbent ministers.

Yesterday it was announced that former prime minister has decided to hook up with the former transport supremo and that their campaign slogan would sound like insolvable arithmetic puzzle - (A+Š)². It is not a secret that one of the most lunatic PR specialists from agency MOOZ is behind all the ludicrous ideas of the Latvian oligarchic families. Last year the same PR ''specialist'' and his retinue achieved bad fame while organizing false campaign about fallen meteorite which allowed Latvia to circle in world media as a rather questionable state entity. It seems that former prime minister and transport supremo are resorting to all means possible, if they continue trusting lunatics, whose cynicism and smug behavior has surpassed limits of sanity.

Today, the former corrupt ministers Slesers & Skele, who became odiosly famous during Jurmalgate affair (which was partially solved and did not touch masterminds of this drab affair)), should announce their five point program to lead Latvia out from the economic malaise. The program is almost exact emulation of the program of incumbent Prime Minister Valdis Dombrovskis (what about copyright laws in LV:)). It plans to rise taxes on capital earnings, stipulate taxable amount from real estate, delegate the right to collect personal income tax to municipalities (which should create havoc in Latvian unitary state tax collecting system) and to lower VAT on ecological food... These proposals in effect are smokescreen, because whilst following the best traditions of Latvionomics (thank you Morten Hansen for inventing the new term!)(A+Š)² lunatics want to eliminate excise tax on natural gas. The latter proposal is the CRUX of the whole five point program because it vicariously explains that Latvian dependency on the Russian gas supplies is to be embedded. The latter point is contrary to the present plan of the government, who wants to have Latvia using energy mix from green energy that is abundant in Latvian rivers, forests, and bogs, and nuclear energy together with other two Baltic States.

The plans of corrupt Latvian politicians or so called AAA team are gradually becoming public. Until now corrupt former ministers have relied on lunatic PR specialists, which does not add much credibility to anything they say. In the meantime the Cabinet must find new ministers of justice, foreign affairs and health. The malaice and distrust is thus owerwhelming that nobody really wants to become minister in order not to taint ones public image, as it happened with Messrs Razans and Ronis, who were offered the positions of the minister of foreign affairs. The biggest bone of contention is the post of the minister of justice, because the criminally indicted major of Ventspils is extremely interested to save himself from justice. Last week due to Mr Lembergs instrumental behavior Janis Maizitis election for the third consecutive term as the Prosecutor General failed.

Virtual emasculation of the justice system in Latvia would be complete if the post of Prosecutor General and Minister of Justice would fall prey to the ill famous AAA team. Just to remind you that the former head of the Corruption Prevention Bureau Mr Loskutovs was toppled with the help of PP ministers back in 2007. During the same year tenure of the former prezident V. Vike Freiberga ended and under extremely questionable circumstances the incumbent president Valdis Zatlers was elected. In 2009 the new head of the Supreme Court (he nominates the Prosecutor General for the parliament to be appointed) Mr Bickovics was elected, even though journalists discovered that he had lied about the procedure of getting Latvian citizenship. Last week Prosecutor general without ANY DISCUSSIONS in the parliament was not appointed for the third term because MP's resorted to vote with closed bulletins. I am not happy with the work of Janis Maizitis, because also due to his appeasing character the Latvian state law enforcement abilities are far from functioning. However, the way the majority of MP's acted and still continue to act makes me once again realize that this prliament SHOULD HAVE BEEN SACKED LONG TIME AGO.

We are stuck with disfunctioning parliament that poisons the work of the cabinet now, however. There are almost no rational discussions in public domain, because provincial calculations among incumbent political class reign supreme. Major calculation of the present MP's is about ensuring their own enrichment, because not only tens of thousands of Latvian households but also numerous MP's took mortgage and consumer loans, and without not being elected they would have to drastically change their lucrative lifestyle. Such situation embedds the system of short term thinking and acting, and there is virtually none to start acting about long term needs of the Republic of Latvia. First and foremost, the Latvian legal and law enforcement branches are thus weak that they cannot defend interests of the public against depredations of the well organized interest groups.

It sounds pathetic, however, this situation breeds idiocy or path dependency, which does allow neither comprehensive debate nor balanced further development of Latvian society. The following five month until elections are not promising for Latvian citizenry and other inhabitamts. Until now there is no debate between righ or left wing economic policies yet, and the idiocy and ineffectiveness still reign by inertia.

P.S. As if answering my contemplations newest cartoon of
Gatis Sluka perfectly discloses mindset of an average Latvian politician and administrator...

[Street sign ] EVEN ROAD
The official: ''It will save us money! We should use such street signs exceptionally''


Ray said...

Well, for certain time I tried to avoid popular point of view about politics that is common particularly in Latvia- us (the people) versus them (elite of business and politics).

Somehow I believed that there is at least competition between currupt interests of local elite and those of foreign origin. However the fact that Ainars manages to find common language with Nils and share bed space with Andris indicates that there is no division between different bandits. It is just bandits and people that they screw. It is fine as long as bandits profit (I believe there was a similar quote from Martin Scorsese's "Goodfellas").

The most sad think is that even the most inteligent minds that were in Latvian politics since states seconf independence are involved in this dirty business. I am refering here to a person that some time ago was sent to EP- a guy with a beard. My gues is that Ivars is not the only "silent pig" (as my dad knowing details of our former PM's pasts refers to him) that enyojs his pension in comfy seats in Brussel and Strasbourg.

Bottom line: if this idiocracy in Latvia continues- fuck it- I will take a leak on the doorstep of that house in Jekaba street and set of for no return.

Veiko, what about you? I mean you see what is going on with this state. Well, I am not sure if you have any insiders view of triple A's. Anyway, are view ever planing to stop overviewing Latvian politics and getting you hands dirty in actuall politics?

TRex said...

Good post, but painful to write I think.

Until there are some teeth in the KNAB and Prosecutor's office/judiciary nothing will change. Plus, how does one reconcile the general Latvian support for corrupt politicians like Lembergs?

It goes deep. Young people need to get wise and get involved.

Miks said...

A very fair account. It just underlines how important the election will be. If Latvians choose the 'AAA team' they should know exactly what to expect: kleptocracy.

Veiko Spolitis said...


I predict that during upcoming 5 month the situation can get only worse... . The AAA team has built their lucrative fiefdomes and they live now like drones in beehive. Bees have not forgotten that drones have actually enriched themselves from the common good, thus the resentment.

Resentment would rise and its the question, whether ''V'' would be able to channel that resentment positively whilst showing that they actuallt have econbomic/industrial/political program to leav LV out from this mess? AAA team has nothing to lose now and they are playing classical zero sum game now - and they have rather many leutnants or mafia operatives if you want to put it this way on the ground, who depend on AAA Godfathers

My hands are ''dirty'' in SCP and in VelRef (Society for Electoral Change) and I hope that with efficient utilization of networks and hard work until October 2, 2010commendable RESULTS should be achieved:)

Veiko Spolitis said...


It is not hard to write anymore - and its the most alarming phenomenon actually. I became actually alarmed about the extent of the ROT after the NEO disclosed salaries.......almost NO reaction.....

If you have not looked into that data, then better do it quickly to update your knowledge about Latvian officialdome living in self-created paradise of network mediocracy:)

Veiko Spolitis said...


It is important to deliver this message to everyONE of citizens in Latvia first! Then we must wait till the Constitutional Court decision about dual citizenship for LV and EU/NATO citizens:)

TRex said...

Vieko, I posted about this Neo way back on March 2nd.

I knew nothing would come of it then. It was handled badly because quite frankly we don't know what the original motivation was. I think Neo got scared. There was damaging info in that database that didn't make it's way out into the full glare of public scrutiny. Besides, Lembergs has the most to fear and he has clearly shown that he owns the country.

Where is Neo?

TRex said...

PS; I hope sir that you are writing an article on the continuing South Bridge financing fiasco and how the city if Riga (Latvian taxpayers) will eventually be screwed in another derivatives scam. Like Greece. Which is a rotting corpse in the boot of a sedan on a hot summers day. Neo can suck eggs.

I personally don't think that Soviet era retard Lembergs even knows what a derivative is but 48% of Latvians can't be wrong in supporting the shit as an "optimist" politician! Can they?

There is a reason I don't post about Latvian politics on my blog anymore. A complete waste of time. But you as a Political Scientist should continue the good work.

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