Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Always Transforming but ''Permanent'' Governing Coalition in LV

Colleagues from Providus and Jurģis Bērziņs just published a splendid iconographic chart.

It analyzes the last 10 years in LV politics and calculates for how many days which party was responsible managing certain sector of economy, and for how long parties/party coalitions have had power. Excellent job!


Anonymous said...

The only problem that I find in this regard is that some votes will be cast useless. Voters refuse to cast their vote for things they already know.

Therefore they vote for some organisations (not sure if these things qualify to be a paty) that has almost no political expierience, little capacity to make a change and even smaller chance to get over 5% berrier.

Pedeja Partija, Pati Pedeja Partija.. I am not sure what more of these you have in Latvia.

Some say that they are tired of Saeima that is composed by artists. Now they want to change it by voting for clouns.

Anonymous said...

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