Friday, April 6, 2007

Back in Riga en route to Tallinn

Arrived home safely and it was a pleasure to meet all of your during these two rich days in Riga! Actually it is a cold weather back here with blizzardous storms raging at night. Upon arrival took my father and went to the local election center in Salaspils and gave our signatures for initiating popular referendum in Latvia concerning the amendments in the law of security organizations. If circa 150 000 signatures should be collected and referedum should have an overwhelming support (55% of the electors of the last elections) of the President Vaire Vike Freiberga proposed veto of the law, then she will have a legitimate cause to disband the Saeima. There are turbulent times all around the Central Europe, crisis in Ukraine & Hungary, minority government splitting in Lithuania and interregnum in Latvia.

Shall see how it all will be resolved, because in the meantime Estonia has a new government and Matti Vanhanen also included Greens in his new government coalition negotiations. Allrigh, so much about the politics and I better sit in the car now and go and see old buddies leaving for Tibet - India - Nepal - Pakistan - Iran cycling tour. ehh, uhhuduur fellowship has its blog open and you can find their contemplations (only in Estonian:) on my blog link list as Baltic friends. Ok, nägemiseni Tallinnas!

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