Monday, April 2, 2007

Brussels via Paris

The tripp from Stuttgart to Bruxelles went fine except the fact that I slept in European capital and train attendant woke me up departing Bruxelles South station. Whilst travelling with the TGV it meent that the next stop was Paris...and after 1,25 hours I found myself in the Paris North station. Luckily next TGV back to Brussels went within an hour, and after a loop of about 800 kilometers and additional 3 hours I stepped out from the train in Brussels.

While on the train my cellular phone battery went dead, and it meant that I did not have an address where my sister lives. I told taxi driver to drive to the Latvian Embassy. Typical Brussels taxi driver had no idea where the embassy is, and he cannot be blamed for that in the city where EU and other embassies flourish. So driver told me to tell him the address, because otherwise he was not going to take me to the embassy. I explaned that my phone battery is empty, thus asked him to contact his collagues. After verbal wrangling he finally did that and I was taken to the embassy. Regardless of Sunday I still thought that someone could sit in there but I was wrong. Went accross the street to the Algerian Embassy and the guy sitting there was of no help either.

So, there is a milk restaurant nearby Latvian embassy and I decided to sit down and ask people for possibility to call or find a public phone. Folks in the restaurant were helpful indeed and I could phone home and tell my mom to tell my brother in law the name and the street of the milk restaurant. While having my leffe and nachos fortes in about half an hour I saw Raimonds and pop arriving, thus I was saved.

Yesterday we went out to the Brabant county to see Waterloo. It is nicelly illuminated at night and reminded the time when Gatis took me there for the first time. Waloon cock flag was bravely flying over the place as always. With the little Marta and other relatives we went to Heysel part of Brussels today to see the Mini Europapark. It was my first time there and I found that the Baltic states representing Paks Margareeta, Brivibas piemineklis and Vilniaus Universitetas slot is positioned just next to Finland and opposite from Sweden and Denmark. Very strategically wise decision - chapeau! In the meantime Hungarians and Slovenes do not have their symbols shown yet, thus Baltics is small but mobile, nice!

Tomorrow I am flying back to Riga. In the meantime we shall probably go to Leuven tonight to have a beer or two in the central square there. Good, finaly going home, because I am tired after European globetrotting. Plus, it is good I got out in the Brussels South station because the TGV went further to Amsterdam, huh, huh.

Talk to many of you in Riga soon then!

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