Tuesday, May 22, 2007

And the winner is....Valdis Zatlers!

The rules of the game in the Latvian political elite are as obscure as the past of their representatives. For a month two biggest coalition parties, Christian First (PP) and Peoples Party (TP) were playing according to the rules and offering their respective candidates, Ms Karina Pētersone and Mr Māris Riekstiņš. Yesterday the speaker of the house, ooops, Saeima announced that all coalition parties need to agree on a common candidate before May 31 presidential elections. Immediately there was an announcement about the European Communities judge Ms Egīls Levits as a presidential candidate. Yesterday evenening Mr Levits declined the offer as before had done also long standing diplomat in Finland and writer Ms Anna Žīgure and the former rector of the University of Latvia, Mr Ivars Lācis. Immediately after Mr Levits declined the offer it was Latvian Transport Supremo, Mr. Ainārs Šlesers who announced that governing coalition must agree on a common candidate today, because otherwise the stability of the governing coalition is becoming questionable.

Thus, today the governing coalitionnegotiated, and at 20.00CET+1 LETA news agency announced that the nominee of the Latvian governing coalition for the post of the Latvian president is Mr. Valdis Zatlers!

What a rollercoaster in Latvian politics! Just minutes ago Mr. Zatlers gave an interview to the LatvianTV station and answered that he was given 24 hours for agreeing on the offer. Mr Zatlers is a doctor and for the last 15 years he was a director of the Latvian Orthopedic Centre. Now the journalists will have to find who is Mr Zatlers. Right now agreement about Mr Zatlers as the presidential candidate have openly announced Minister of Interior, Mr Ivars Godmanis (LC) and Prime Minster, Mr Aigars Kalvītis (TP).

Lets wait until tomorrow, when there would be more information, because until May 31 there is still some time left.


J said...

I feel obliged to object to such enthusiasm as yours, because it has been long since known that he sides strictly right-wing fascist. There are not only publications in which he spittingly pontificates how he "HATES GAY GROUPS", etc., but it is in record his affiliation with neo-nazi and fascist groups. Well, then, "Lachaim"?

Baltic said...

I am not an enthusiast AT ALL, and wait until update, because there are rather many hidden sceletons in his cupboard:)

Anonymous said...

I'm a Latvian myself but I have neither bad or good things to say about Zatlers for I (and I'm pretty sure most latvians) know more or less nothing about the new president of ours. I have to admit I know two unimportant things about him - he sure looks like a fascist (just draw a moustache) and the medical laboratory I work for most likely won't get the promised money for new machines because he will probably be too buisy with the whole new tasks of his. I'm absolutley sure that the election of Valdis Zatlers will lead to no good