Friday, May 18, 2007

Fishing weekend

While the heads of the EU-27 meet the authoritarian head of the state near the river Volga I have decided to take the weeknd off and to go near the river Gauja. Answering to the questions of journalists about detention of the leader of the Russian opposition Gari Kasparov at the Moscow airport Russian presidential retorted in the traditional manner - prior showing on our domestic problems in Russia you European should consider problems of Russian minorities in Latvia & Estonia... . What else one can comment on such a retort, nothing.

In the meantime the Latvian PM is happy about the ratified border treaty with Russia and I think that he truly believes that Latvia has got more favours with Russia while leaving Estonia in shadows. It is a dagerous game Mr. Kalvitis especially prior the presidential elections where you hope to get run in the second round.

Enough politics, it is sunny outside, Eves and cherries are in full bloom and I hope there would be some fish in river Gauja. All my friends have a NICE WEEKEND!!

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