Monday, April 21, 2008

It was not just a birthday "seminar"

I shall be very short this time. Yesterday I wrote about the facts TV3 was reporting, and derided the sickly Latvian governance system. Earlier Pēteris shortly described formal story behind the former E-Minister "birthday seminar". And today also the Latvian Intelligence Agency (SAB) approved yesterday's news as correct. Simply the press officer of the SAB Ms Iveta Maura differed in her statement from the TV3 journalist's version in certain details.

So, the official statement of the SAB press officer to the Latvian Radio 1 was, that the former E-minister contacted SAB and asked them to consult her after she was approached by shady politicians. SAB simply continued their job guaranteeing security of the electronic data processing in this country. It seems that there are quite few people who do not like increased strength of the europeanization winds in this country...

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