Friday, April 25, 2008

Cracks in governing quadrumvirate?

Since yesterday disagreements among different fractions, minigarchic families and simple political tricksters have intensified again. I very much hope that not only unexpectedly nice spring weather is the reason for such an active positioning in the public space.

First, the People's Party (TP) revived its onslaught against the head of the Anti Fraud Agency (KNAB). Immediately, Mr Loskutovs who is the head of the KNAB responded that neither TP nor prime minister's Union of First and Latvian Way parties have paid circa EUR 2,1mlj. into state treasury. The hefty sum is to be paid due to the misspent funds during illegal election campaign in September 2006. PM's party continues its prime example of legal nihilism and wrote about it already before.

Also, the new political party is founded this weekend under aegis of Ms Kalniete and Mr Kristovskis - The Civic Union. Lets hope that this civic action would be lengthy enough to sustain its life after more and more revelations from the General Prosecutor's office come out.

Present accusations remind me simply mud slinging that I have seen before, and lets see how will it end now:).


KT said...

mis värvi loom see The Civic Union saab olema? on ta end kuidagi määratlenud?

Baltic said...

Musta ja kollast, ehk siis konservatiivselt liberaalne:)
Lāti RR rahvusliberaalne kylg - ŗomualds ražuks (RR juht 1990-91), janiina kursiite, laulja ieva akuratere jt.

Nad alguses mōtlesid end nimetada Konservatiivseteks demokratideks, kuid jāādi siis Pilsoniskā Savienība ehk Kodanikke Yhendus.