Thursday, April 10, 2008

Referendum to come! (updated)

There are long queues in Riga even in this drizzly weather. All signs show that the first step in cleaning up the traditional nepotism in this country would be taken after all. It was a time after all. The process would be long and tedious, and another food of thought for such contemplations was the vote of no confidence about the Minister of Transport. Obviously he was able to stay in power with 49 AYE's and only 25 NAY'es. After all, there are still some European funds to appropriate for your famiglia Transport Supremo, avanti, avanti!!


In the Latvian TV evening news (Panorāma) the Head of Latvian Central Election Bureau Mr Atis Cimdars approved that during last two days there was an amount of 30% of previously collected signatures collected (30% of 135000= 45000), thus repeating the trend that took place exactly a year ago. The TVNET website, while basing its information on LETA news agency just announced that preliminary final number of signatures would be somewhere around 180 000.

It is early Friday morning and in his radio interview the Head of Latvian Central Election Bureau confirmed his yesterday's predictions about increasing trend of signatures during last two days. Now, the preliminary number stands at 213 000 signatures, LETA just reported.

P.S. Those of you reading Estonian may find my commentary in Postimees today.

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