Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Latvian majority MP's love money laundering (updated)

Yesterday Latvian president's harsh evaluation of the Latvian parliament job performance was somewhat surprising. I do not think that incumbent president's words were major factor behind the decision of the Saeima defense, internal affairs and corruption prevention commission to vote down ill famous amendmends of Vilnis - Edvīns Bresis (ZZS) in the Law preventing money laundering and terrorism financing in Latvia. After all the same Saeima commission (J. Dalbiņš, J. Dobelis, A. Latvkovskis, V. Lācis, I. Klementjevs, A. Mirskis, L. Mūrniece, D. Staķe, D. Turlais) already voted down exactly the same amendments prior the previos voting on June 11. Funny enough, regardless of negative voting of the Seaima commission, changes of Mr Bresis stipulated that legalisation of illegal means were suitable to his Godfather in the town of Ventspils, and parliamentary majority gang still voted AYE! If the parliamentary majority gangsta members voted AYE once, I would not be surprised if they would vote AYE again on July 17. Lets wait and see:)


Latest Eurobarometer poll was just published. As if to prove why Latvian MP's love money laundering and Latvian public is sick and tired of their governing institutions the data is just there! Trust in Latvian Parliament has declined to 12% (-4) support and that puts it in same league with Bulgaria, Lithuania and Italy. Trust for the government has declined to 15%(-4) and that puts it in same league with Italy and Hungary. In comparison Estonian parliament support runs at 36% (-10) and the government at 56% (-6). How strange it is to realize that majority of Latvian citizens still trust institutions of the EU (46%= -4) more than their own institutions. But comparing with the similar results in Estonia (69%=+2) and Lithuania (62% = +3) one should worry about the growing scepticism of Latvian electorate, because it has becoe the most Euro sceptic in the EU today!

The illegally elected parliament in Latvia poisons institutions of the representative democracy in Latvia. Such poisonous acts disorient Latvian electorate and the faster voters will get rid of corrupt MP's the better.


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