Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Change of government facade tomorrow?

Ivars Godmanis has publickly announced that he woud procceed with forming the government out of four governing parties. It means that demonstrations and ongoing disatisfaction with the governance culture had no effect on the post Soviet Latvian nomenklatura. This morning it became known that the Mandatory Income and Property Declaration system is postponed indefinitely. There are no diplomatic excuses found anymore, because the head of the Saeima Budget and Finance Comittee Kārlis Leiškalns announced that this law is simply not needed in Latvia.

The discourse of illiberal democrats use slogans of liberal economics for exusing themselves from thus needed reforms of the tax and criminal codes. The elite simply continues its rule because most probably the parliament with 52-54 AYES shall vote in the new old government of Ivars Godmanis.

After new government voted in tomorrow Latvian folks would continue the shopping rally, the government would pretend working hard in turning around the stagnant post-Soviet governance style and Latvia's Western partners would shake their heads in disbelief - for how long??

Not only snap elections are needed but replacement of MP's in TOTO for cutting the Gordion's knot of Latvian patriarchal and minigarhic family relations. Merry Christmas for All and one!! For Latvians - mierīgus svētkus šajā Aizspogulijas pārejas laikā!

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