Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The new old cabinet

Ivars Godmanis is trying to do the impossible, to form the new cabinet out of the same wood - the post Soviet nomenklatura. He could not act against his benefactor, thus already promised that Latvian transport supremo would retain his ministerial position. Demands of People's Party (TP), Union of Greens and Farmers (ZZS) and Fatherland Unon (TB/LNNK) have been met and the old new governing coalition is happy. Apparently TP ministers of culture, foreign affairs and regional affairs would retain their positions. Green ministers of environment and agriculture are on the safe side, and there is bargaining about strategic repositioning considering posts in the government, Riga City Council and State Company councils, particularly the latter ones that earn lavish incomes into the party treasuries. Latvian constitution specifies that it is the responsibility of the PM to form the cabinet, but it does not specify the mode of cabinet formation.

The biggest obstacle for the cabinet composition starts with the mode of its formation and possible inclusion of the New Era (JL) party in this proccess (that was a reprimand of the incumbent presient). It is logical that JL has its reprimands, because the previous government fell due to the fact that the goverment of Aigars Kalvītis lost the confidence of the public opinion. To repare the growing rift between government and governed JL proposed amendments (so called anti-mafia clause) in the Criminal Code and the Election law. The formateur PM deems JL reprimands so far as an ultimatum. It shows that the former coalition members do not consider the rule of law essential and reckon that the loss of legitimacy among the public was caused by liberal media, thus the resignation of Mr Kalvītis could be simply labeled as an unsuccesful PR campaign.

The level of education of the post Soviet nomenklatura is still the same, and the present behaviour of the prospective PM shows that they have not learned anything from the political crisis of the last three months. Latvian state is the weakest link among the Baltic sisters and for the last year it is very openly courting with Russia (just to name visits of the former president, the Orthodox Archbishop, and former PM) make rather many people in this country happy, however, there considerable party of folks who are suspiscious about such turn of events. No wonder why, because the top civil servants and also Latvian transport supremo consider that the long term sustainable development of Latvian liberal democracy is ensured by mere membership in NATO and the EU. Russian Minister of Foreign Affairs left Latvian colleagues today with the Latvian-Russian border treaty, the very treaty that is euphemistically called also as Mr Putin's dead ears of a donkey. Probably some interest groups are happy about benefits of possibly free of charge gas in Latvian wonderland. Free of charge - naivete par excellence!! Just as a detail here one must remind about an old Latvian prowerb, that, "one must earn everything in this world, even being beaten up by someone"...

While childish Latvian society participates in the Season's shopping rally there is a rebirth of the old government with new faces. The facade change would successfully finish, and majority of folks would start expecting for miracles from the same politicanos, huh, huh....

Will there be more mass rallies after the Holiday Season? What opposition role shall the New Era and Reconciliation Centre parties play? How badly the tremours of international credit market will affect Latvian overheated economy? These are the THREE questions that will be pretty much on agenda for the first half of the next year in Latvia.

Mieru Jums šajā tumsas laikā! Rahu Teile sellel pimedal ajal! Peace for everyone in this time of darkness!

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