Monday, January 21, 2008

Citation of the day

Latvian transport supremo known in some circles as "kickboxer" came out with a citation of the day again. According to the Baltic News Agency, Mr Šlesers in the "Riga Crossroads" conference came out with a pearl, "Do transitory birds really have no other place to spend their free time when they come back from tropical areas? We must decide whether we want to see the Riga Port as zoo and bird sanctuary."

Transport Supremo was vicariously responding to the last weeks decision of the Constitutional Court, when the latter made its final decision (it cannot be overruled) not to allow expansion plans of the Riga Freeport, and it was a legal victory for the Green activists.

P.S. To remind you, that back in 1999 Mr Šlesers was the youngest minister of the Latvian goverment and gave his interview to "Rīgas Laiks", where asked to describe women he arkwardly revealed that "the beauty of women comes from its guts" ("sievietes skaistums nāk no iekšām").

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