Wednesday, January 30, 2008

More firewood PM Godmanis!

The heat is increased under the seat of the director of Latvian Intelligence Agency (SAB). The Prime Minister met Latvian president today and after the meeting he gave and interview to journalists. In his interview ( PM did not exclude the possibility to replace incumbent director of the SAB after expiry of his tenure in May 2008. It means that three members of the National Security Council (NSC) have denounced effectiveness of the present director of the intelligence service, and they are Minister of Interior Segliņš (TP), Saeima Head of the Security Committee Jaundžeikars(LC/LPP), and PM Ivars Godmanis (LC/LPP). Is it Mr Šlesers who pulls strings behind the scenes or that is bearded member of the AAA team?

It would be essential to hear what does the incumbent president reckon about Mr Kažociņš these days [until now Mr Zatlers sounded approvingly about the latter person], because if the president would turn sour on the incumbent director of the SAB it would be another sign about consolidation of the power in hads of miniscule governing gang, and Latvia gradually transforming into a proxy state with all the consequences to bear... .

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