Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Did Mr Leiškalns change his mind?

Halleluja, and Delfi just announced that the Mandatory Income and Property Declaration Law is still ALIVE and procceeding through the long halls of the Latvian parliament. It means that the lawmaking proceess would not be terminated!

Why did the head of the Saeima Budget and Finance Committee, Mr Leiškalns change his mind thus suddenly (watch my previous and yesterday's blog entries)? Perhaps the parliamentary majority started listening to experts and opposition arguments? Lets wait till the end of the day and follow Saeima procceedings. Are there miracles possible for Alice in Wonderlatvia?

updated...throughout the day

It looks that a sudden change of Mr Leiškalns mood is coordinated with the top notch politicians in this country, because according to BNS also incumbent president agrees now, that Mandatory Income and Property Declaration is required, because it "would be better for the state and society".

final update...

There were no more substantial news coming from the Parliament today. It is known however, that the law is still discussed and the work in upgrading it would continue next week. Thus much good news so far and should continue to wait then, and probably there will be news also why did Mr Leiškalns change his mood thus suddenly:)

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