Monday, October 22, 2007

Agony of the existing governance system (updated)

The Saeima is just about to start its session. Yesterday, opposition New Era (JL) and Reconciliation Centre (SC) parties initiated vote of no confidence against the existing government. Fatherland Union (TB/LNNK) party announced that they would not support the motion prior passing the 2008 budget. The present political elite is thoroughly rotten. President and Mr Kalvītis still reiterate, that there is a need for stability in Latvia and I guess that they are simply blind or outright stupid. Therefore, my question to the political leaders is - for whom there is a need for a present stability when citizens are demonstrating already??


The master demagogue Juris Dobelis (TB/LNNK) is just NUTS, and I wonder how come rationally thinking person could elect such a cloun... Shall have to come back later to his demagoguery whilst using Seaima records and TRANSLATE it for you to see the prime example of skewed mindset. Other member of TB/LNNK Pēteris Tabūns was not a better wide is the canyon between the governing coalition living in the bubble and ordinary citizens..........MP's of the governing coalition should go back to school!!!

It is 10:35CET and Saeima just voted with 56 NO's against the motion of the opposition. The voting machine of the governing coalition still works impeccably and NO RATIONAL arguments could shake their stance. I am was amazed to hear that also TB/LNNK member Anna Seile has not understood how the bsic principles of paliamentary democracy work.

It means that the existing government still continues its work and tomorrow there is a first reading of the 2008 budget vote in the parliament. ONLY the scare to lose their seats motivates the Saeima majority voting machine to work gainst their own principles and pushes this country deeper into the political crisis. There will be demonstration in front of the parliament tomorrow and whilst seeing blatant demagogery and ABSOLUTE lack of ANY arguments of the governing coalition members there is no wonder that citizens are demonstrating in front of the Saeima and demand its dispersal.

P.S. I believe that Diena MUST publish records of the governing coalition member speeches in the parliament in full extent to open eyes and see what kind of brainless creatures decide our and our children's future!!


mel said...


Remember, these idiots are desperate to keep their jobs. If they vote yes, they will just vote themselves out of existence. Most of the people who would "switch" are lower on the lists and will never be selected if so. Tevzemei has the most to lose since unless they team up with someone, they will never cross the minimum threshold for seats.

The poison is flowing, and there has to be some moves. Strange, because if the "A-Team" really wants to hold power, a snap election sooner than later may be more fruitful.

Sure, everyone hates them, but if there is no effective opposition, they will still have their hands on the pie. Perhaps diminished, but still there. If they delay this and give some people on the outskirts of national politics (Kalnins, Vike-Freiberga, Spolitis et al) start organising effective NEW opposition movements, it could be disastrous.

So this move may yet backfire on the "A-Team" -- but people need to be infuriated by this and punish these corrupt and idiotic politicians. If Latvians are willing to do that -- follow the few, rare, clean politicians -- then "Enterprise Latvia" will not be cancelled.

Anonymous said...

to Mel..

"If Latvians are willing to do that -- follow the few, rare, clean politicians -- then "Enterprise Latvia" will not be cancelled."

I agree with you and this sounds nice, but in reality we have a little problem which is called 'brainwashing'..look at the former governments where JL was participating - the A-team's campaign against them was based on continued slandering which eventually led people to believe that those lies were true. And such policy has proven to be effective on those who don't analyze the situation. And those who actually analyze the situation are relatively few. So what I would suggest - contrary to the saying in the Bible "if someone hits you on one cheek, turn the other" - is that intelligentsia and other "influence agents" should more actively inform society about the A-team. With that I mean just reflecting the contradictions and lack of integrity of the governing coalition. And, of course, reminding those 'significant' achievements, which had been done in previous years, and maybe other different facts, for example, who are the major landowners in Latvia etc. :)


Anonymous said...

in two words:
1) how can I, average Latvian, know who the hell is that 'clean politician' - 'cause, if he hasn't been accused, it doesn't mean he's clean
2)Latvians have 'short memory' indeed!


Baltic said...

To D:

Your analysis is correct and my answer is following. The only way to achieve it is by relative decline of economic wellbeing (that is a tricky measurement however) and brainwashing from our side. What is relative economic wellbeing for an average Latvian however?

It is to have his/her own heated apartment, preferably a car, food & drink - pretty much simple material values.

The 5000 protesters and liberal part of society speak about post-material values and Latvia´´s position among other free and democratic states, thus they appeal for change of the elite mindset!
How do you change it when they forged elections - by demanding fare elections!

And how do you go below that - meaning how do you appeal to common folks who have not conginsized values of individualism and democratic governance???:) D, remember, such notions as budget, bank account, political participation is FOREIGN TO THEM:)