Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Two days until the new government vote

There are two days left until the Latvian parliament would vote to give a mandate to the Valdis Dombrovskis care taker government. The presidential ultimatum still stands and since the onset there is a feeling that Mr Valdis Dombrovskis is forced to work in fire - fighting regime. New coalition - New Era, People´s, Party, Civic Union, Union of Greens and Farmers, and the Fatherland Party - agreed on the government declaration. The nominated PM candidate wants all the governing coalition MP´s to sign the coalition document to receive as broad and tangible mandate as possible, while the latter document is not available yet.

With the candidacy for the post of the Minister of Culture still open and ministers of health and education still wavering there is no better way to finish this blog entry, than with another poignant cartoon of Gatis Sluka. Enjoy:)

Text in Latvian: (Text on the screen) Reception of ministerial portfolios. Hallo, does anybody need a portfolio of the minister of education?


Anonymous said...

I suppose that after approximately 40-50% wage cut for teachers recently (other state employed as well)- Minister of Education would not be a position that I would like to be in.

In general, I feel so sorry for this state.. A banana republic within the EU.

Baltic said...

Sorry state indeed with effective devaluation taking place with the 35-50% cuts of budget expenses thru the state employed white colar workers salaries...:)