Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Lunar spring is home

After spending a day in library I spent the rest of the afternoon with Victor Makarov. Victor is my coursemate from universitas helsingensis and accidentaly he is also from Latvia. We shared our ideas in Katajanokka Czech piwnice "Poseidon" yesterday, and it was a jovial evening indeed. Considering the fact that it was windy and cold in Helsingfors yesterday there was no better option than sitting inside BTW.

Today, however, there is a bright sunshine and spring has arrived to Helsinki officially - the spine of the winter is broken! Lets hope that the lunar spring would bring also some constructive consolidation among Latvian social groups as well. Just seeing the conspiracy theories sprouting from every corner in Latvian yellow media (mostly read NRA & Latvijas Avize) makes me laugh, but tell the bum that he/she is bum. Truth bites harshly, and who wants to be bitten by realization of his/her lack of knowledge...ha, ha, ha...

Sun is out and I am in the library, so far so good!

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