Monday, March 26, 2007

Nowy Sacz - National Louis University

I am staying with Andris & Kinga here and thank you for providing me with all the facilities, including your KIA Andris:) In the meantime neither Andris nor Kinga are here, but its nice to see Patrik & Dotka. Students are stuents everywhere, and I still have a workload I must manage prior departing to Stuttgart conference.

Its hectic today and Helsingin Sanomat (HS) Baltic correspondent Ms Kaja Kunnas just called me from Tallinn to be updated on the Latvian-Russian border agreement. It is a funny global world, because she was inquired by HS correspondent from Moscow who is in Helsinki now. They called Kaja for Latvian update, and finally Kaja did not know that I shall be in Poland now:) Anyway, what a smaller and slower world we would live in without mobile telephony and www?!

Aye, aye, and Kalvitis is going to Moscow where he is probably meeting also president Putin after signing the border agreement with his Russian counterpart Mr Fradkow. The post-Soviet page of the Russian-Latvian relations is going to be turned, because from now on we might perhaps speak about the relations based not only on historic traumata of the Soviet occupation, but also on the relations between two sovereign entities who are mutually searching for the best modus vivendi.

It is spring time in Nowy Sasz and morning class (8. am) is demanding both for students and their lecturer:) Anyway, first impressions from Poland are that regardless of Royal twins (Jaroslaw & Lech Kaczynski) misshaps in foreign policy they are performing well domestically - corruption scandals are not as noisy as in Latvia, but the slack of Social Democrats' rule is cleaned. Crakow transport infrastructure is excellent and they have the train now leading from Karkow Glowny to the Balice airport, great!

Shall have more update prior leaving for Stuttgart & Brussels and now back to the workload:)

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