Thursday, March 29, 2007

To Stuttgart en route to Brussels

Finished lecturing this morning and it is a nice and sunny day outside National Louis University in Nowy Sasz. In Tallinn, finally, there is a coalition agreement signed between Reform, Pro Patria parties and Social Democrats. Latvian parliament has passed the security organizations law without initial amendments and basically returned to the status quo ante position where it started three months ago (what a waste of time and resources...).

I am sceptical here because I do not believe that Latvian electorate has learned anything from all this chummy deal making coalition behavior (at least what I learn from discussion forums). If I am going to be wrong and there will be a referendum outcome that will allow the president to act from her March 10th positions then I am ready to shave my head bold:)

Shall see how the coalition shall start working in Tallinn and who will be the Minister of Interior finally? My old acquitance Hannes Rumm declined this offer, but someone has to take it, so...:) Aye, aye, and one of the first announcements of the new coalition in Tallinn is about removal of the Bronze sculpture (popularly known as Aljosha) from the Center of Tallinn. Interesting whether there will be any reaction from Moscow at all after Konstantin Kossachov, the Head of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Russian Duma announced that he agrees with Estonian government' s decision? Radicals would definitely be vocal, but they are vocal everywhere. The amount of Russian oil transported through Estonia has actually incresed reported Delfi latvian language version another day, thus, business is business:)

Tomorrow going by bus, plane and train to Stuttgart and shall write more already from Brussels. A bientot!


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