Thursday, November 8, 2007

Agony of the present political elite continues

The 2008 budget was voted into law with 54 AYES and 39 NAYS. In the meantime three news ministers for the existing government were voted in - Foreign Minister, Māris Riekstiņš (TP), Minister of Regional Affairs Ms Zalāns, and Ms Purne (ZZS) as a new Minister of Welfare.

After the vote in the parliament the former minister of foreign affairs Mr Artis Pabriks quit the People's Party. Thus, the question is who will quit or who's going to be thrown out of the People's Party next - Dz. Ābiķis, J. Lagzdiņš or V. Paegle?

The situation is funny, because the People's Party seems to be losing its best brains and the Soviet Latvian Stahlhelm still holds strong, but for how long???

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