Friday, November 2, 2007

National Council meeting?

It is Saturday morning but this blog entry will appear as Friday's entry. The week has passed peacefully with multitude of Latvian citizenry preparing for the mass rally in the Dome square. As I said before the decision of the Reconciliation Centre party to abstain from the demonstration shows that there is actually no genuine reconciliation between ethnies in the Latvian society yet. However, the situation with several thousand citizens standing united against illegally elected government is a rather unique occassion for the Northern European nation.

The Latvian media calls the mass rally "tautas sapulce" or the National Council. Would it be the real national council that would make the U-turn in Latvian politics and clean up the political playground? For the mass rally to acquire the name of the national council there is a need of genuine political activity of civil society to follow up after the rally, all the way up to the dispersal of the illegaly elected MP's. It means that new kind of politics is needed to be continued after the post-Soviet crony capitalist enrichment politics. This is THE question to be answered after Saturday's mass rally. I am now going to take part in the demonstration, and shall write my reflections and conclusions afer the end of demonstration and subsequent seminar to my MA students.

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