Tuesday, November 6, 2007

The PM blessed forewer (updated)

Yesterday an ignorance of the PM could be explained by transatlantic flight. Today's announcements is an example of the tactics of the governing coalition. Such a tactics should be called a full blown onslaugt of their agenda with tactical retreats.

The incumbent PM announced that he does not plan to resign after budget hearings in the parliament. Former Minister of Foreign Affairs is publickly questioned (http://www.apollo.lv/portal/news/articles/112879) about his loyalty to the People´s party (TP). In the meantime the post of the minister of Foreign Affairs is offered to the head of the PM bureau, Mr Māris Riekstiņš, the Welfare Ministery should be led by Farmer&Green representative Iveta Purne, and the ministry of Regional Affairs would be awarded to the TP member Māris Krastiņš, who had to give the MP membership due to Mr Artis Pabriks renewing his mandate (http://www.apollo.lv/portal/news/72/articles/112880).

Cardinal of the Catholic Church Jānis Pujāts in this morning's LNT '900 seconds' morning news show pleaded the common folks to trust their parliament and let them continue with all the good works the MP's have started in strenghtening family values. Oh, la, la, and Latvian constitution still reads that church and state are separated in this country!!! Now also the president Zatlers has agreed to participate in Friday's prayers with religious leaders in Latvia, huh, uhh, just ludicrous! The fight for survival of the governing nomenklatura gang has started, given that even the special representative of the Roman pope giveth aigarus massivus de letonia and his retinue his blessing...

Simultaneously the Chairman of the Council of the Board of AS Ventbunkers, Mr Rudolf Meroni announced that AS Ventspils Nafta and Vittol Group made an inside deal prior privatization of this oil transit giant(http://www.delfi.lv/news/national/politics/article.php?id=19433232). The court session in Lichtenstein capital started yesterday, and it means that very soon we should really start to learn WHO IS WHO in the Latvian political playground?


The PM accepted the resignation letter of the Minister of Welfare, Ms Dagnija Staķe today after all. It seems that yesterday Aigars Kalvītis was still jetlagged and thought that his authority on the home turf is omnipresent. The reality slowly sets in for the PM and we should see his next moves soon. Today LETA announced that another shady LVL3 mlj. deal is being discovered by the State audit office (Valsts Kontrole), thus no wonder Dagnija Staķe left her office.

Last week also the extraordinary conference of Latvian judges took place in Reval Hotel Latvia conference hall. The common resolution did not reveal anything new. The wish to give cover to the corrupt members of the guild prevailed over the common sense to start cleaning their own ranks. This summer bestseller "Home made adjudication" revealed how judgements were bought at will in the Riga District Court, and the Prosecutor General confirmed that such telephone conversations (revealed in this book) took place, ad that the book should not be considered as a pure fiction. Also, unfortunately, it shows how traditional are majority of Latvian judges. Aye, aye ther are rare gems among them, but the most enlightened of judges do not form a critical mass in order to change ethical standards of travails of this honourable profesion yet.


Anonymous said...

President/doctor can't treat his own lack of a backbone, the cardinals are lost, the PM is more than jetlagged, and the crap is still being manipulated by a guy supposedly under house arrest. This sounds like an African banana republic, not a EU member!

If it wasn't for Belgium, Latvia would be the laughing stock of Brussels! Even Romania isn't in this much crap!

Ridiculous! Time for Pabriks and others to stand up! It's sad when Usakovs is on the "correct" side from the seat of power...it's like 1990 again! Sick!

Baltic said...

Calme vous messieur:) The black box of Latvian governance is crap indeed, and it will take time for Artis to join forces.

You know that he cant do it openly, and I really do not know who does what. On Friday there is JL board meeting, perhaps there will be some more information. In addition there is budget voting tomorrow. Lets wait till the end of Thursday, and then we can start counting, OK!