Tuesday, November 13, 2007

All is quiet on the Latvian front...

For those of you waiting for fresh news I have nothing new to say because, first Latvia is covered in snow, and, second its the PM who is assigned by president to negotiate basic outlines of the new government. Corrupt deals are still managed by Latvian politicians and the new Minister of Foreign Affairs announced that the exchange of signed and ratified border treaties between Russia and Latvia should take place only after the decision of the Latvian Constitutional Court at the end of this month.

Winter arrived to Latvia unexpectedly (as always:) and customarily Latvian hotspur drivers had about 75 accidents yesterday. Part IV Art. 56 of the Latvian constitution outlines that it is the president who nominates and asks the prospective prime minister to form the cabinet. Instead of consulting with all political parties in Latvia the president allows the incumbent PM to lead consultations about the next cabinet (PM has even created a special task force for that purpose) with the pretext of need for the stability of the government. If there is one cause for instability in this country then it is the PM and his incompetent governance style, and until now president pretends not seeing it. Perhaps, the president Zatlers wants to outsmart his dons with double tactics outsmarting them and then showing how incapable politicians are thus having an excuse for dissolving the Saeima? Shall see, because there is a time till the omenous date of December 5, 2007, when incumbent PM should leave the office.

Former maire of Riga Mr Aivars Aksenoks has inquired the State Audit office and the Anti Corruption bureau about the decision of the former Maire of the Riga Cith Mr Gundars Bojars(LSDSP but LPP/LC now) to sign a "dumpster" deal with the Ekodoktrīna Ltd company, that strangely enough belongs to who...you guessed right...the founder of the People's Party Mr Šķēle and his family. The craziest part of the deal is that the deal forces the Riga or any other regional municipality around Metropolitan Riga to pay fine exeeding 50 times the official rate, in case they do not deliver trash to the Ekodoktrīna Ltd. And where are the talks now about the business talent of Mr Šķēle??? He knows how to get cheap and sell darn expensive due to the political contacts. He has not enough of it, in the latest schema he wants to have all inhabitants of the Riga metropolitan region as pawns in his machinations, thus the question is whether he will succeed in this.

The ratified border treaty between Russia and Latvia should not be exchanged according to the new Minister of Foreign Affairs. Reasons for his contemplations are many and I shall elaborate about them in Estonian first.

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