Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Latvian party political discussions prior leaving for Tallinn

Latvian politics is slowly evolving from the low ebb. President announced that he would like to see public discussions about future candidates of the PM. Meanwhile the speaker of Seaima announced that Latvian parliament would hold public debates about best possible candidate for Latvian premiership. Political parties are holding debates and also members of the New Era (JL) are included in discussions about new premiership. Opposition Reconciliation Party (SC) is being quiet and JL repeated that mandatory tax and property declaration system as well as new party financing is still high on agenda.

There are several conferences in Riga this weekend. The party financing discussion with guest presenter Marcin Walecky will take place and conference participants would discuss best possible schema for party financing in Latvia. In University of Latvia there is Baltic futures conference organized. In the meantime I am taking off for Tallinn tonight to take part in two conferences this weekend.

Prior going to Tallinn I managed to write a piece for Estonian Delfi (in Estonian) and you may find this article at - . There will be the party congress of the Fatherland Union party (TB/LNNK) this weekend, and People's Party (TP) congress would convene within week. Political debates are hot on the screen of the Kas notiek Latvijā? TV LIVE show and transport supreme is learning the mastery of demaguery. Valdis Dombrovskis (JL) is spectator's leader after the first half an hour leading with 4343 calls ahead of next candidate Ivars Godmanis, with mere 169 calls, and simply incognito candidate getting 210. This telephone voting is mere pollster, but tonight the mood of distrust conttinues to prevail among Latvian public. Valdis Dombrovskis just told the audience that JL and governing coalition still does not have agreed on basi principles of the rule of law. Out of this disucussion I still do not see other options than snap elections, because illegal elections cannot be fixed with illegal MP's legislating.

P.S. For those of you reading in Estonian I wrote a piece for Delfi today.

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Anonymous said...

I really doubt about voting in 'Kas Notiek Latvijā' as alternate designs were not chosen very successful. As the leader of the programme said, in other votings we can see different scene.