Monday, June 30, 2008

Final scene of Pyrrhic victory in the Latvian parliament?

The Victory of the governing coalition is almost complete. If there would be a possibility now to undo also the Prosecutor General and the Head of the State Audit Office, then all the corrupt deals of the last four years would be simply whitewashed - and before new elections the present Latvian politicians could start from the clean sheet:)

In yesterday's emergency session the judicial commission bypassed the Saeima procedures (thus the opposition New Era (JL) arty already announced that they will try to overrule this decision in the Constitutional court). The motion of laying off the head of the Anti Corruption Agency Mr Loskutovs was brought to the parliament as a separate emergency session after all, and no rational arguments of the motley opposition helped here. The People's Party (TP) representatives were not even hiding their angst and with 53 AYS in the 100 member parliament Loskutovs was sacked from his post.

The former PM Kalvītis was thus happy about firing Mr Loskutovs that he could not hide it from the Saeima pulpit. He came out with another pearl a'la Kalvītis, announcing that, "the performance of Mr Loskutovs has made all the MP's into criminals in the eyes of commoners". His bravado in front of the MP's was a meek cover, because yesterday he was thus afraid of the peaceful demonstration in the front of the parliament, that he had to be escorted by the police and entered into the Saeima from the back doors. Also the speaker of the parliament Mr Daudze is his morning radio interview found excuses of avoiding the demonstrating people due to the "inability to talk with such a folks". The irony is that Kalvītis & Daudze named commoners are also members of intelligentsia who were among 500 or so protesters who stood in the front o the parliament for about eight hours.

As it was expected during the first emergency session yesterday the Minister of Defense (52 NO) and Minister of Agriculture (51 NO) survived the vote of no confidence initiated by the motley opposition. The considerable advantage of 58 member governing coalition is gradually dwindling, and now it is a time to wait until the August 2 referendum.

There is the Latvian Song & Dance festival starting this week and it is a chance for folks from all corners of Latvia and world to meet, sing, dance and discuss. It could enable the majority of the participants to form a conclusion that the best proof of the yesterday's Pyrrhic victory would be an overwhelming participation level in the August 2 referendum. Shall see, there are 34 days to go!


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