Thursday, June 5, 2008

Way to referendum OPEN

It is the hottest BA and MA thesis defense time at the university. I am writing now on Friday morning just prior heading to work. Yesterday Latvian MP's rather expectedly voted for the new head of the Supreme Court. Ivars Bičkovičs with a shady past is the new head of the Supreme Court now, and he is also the person who according to Satversme will nominate the new Prosecutor General.

Parliamentarians also opened the way for the popular referendum about the constitutional amendments (Art. 78, 79) this summer (probably late July or early August). Should the referendum succeed, it would most probably lead to snap elections. In order to have a successful referendum there is a lot of work to be done, because 50% of eligible Latvian voters must say AYE to constitutional amendmends, and it is around 751 000 persons in Latvia. Fingers crossed, because changes are gradually setting in!

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