Sunday, June 22, 2008


Its Midsummer time when weather is nice and blossoms bloom all over the meadows and fields in the Baltic States. While Scandinavians try to celebrate Midsummer on the weekend of the June 23-24, Estonia and Latvia still stick to the traditional celebration dates. Most of the Riga citizens already have left the city and the available quota of ferry tickets to Saaremaa is already sold out.

There is turbulence in the Baltic States politics due to the economy cooling down. Estonian PM and Reform party contemplates about the new situation after accepting the negative budget. Latvian PM is in the hospital and recuperates after the car accident. In the meantime the motley opposition acted in unison and postponed the session about "unsuitability" of Mr Loskutovs as the head of the Corruption Fighting Agency (KNAB) prior Midsummer celebrations. The opposition demanded resignation of the ministers of defense and agriculture and the session of the parliament will take place on June 29. Until July 2 also the fate of Mr Loskutovs and the Anti Money laundering law must be decided. It already feels that the politics will be boiling right after the Midsummer celebrations:)

Until then the sun is in equinox and the white nights are just gorgeous.

Līksmu līgošanu un saulainus Jāņus! Lōbusat Jaanipāeva!


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