Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Turning on the heat! (updated)

The commission evaluating job performance of the Corruption prevention bureau (KNAB) Mr Loskutovs passed their unanimous verdict - Mr Loskutovs should leave the office. The Commission headed by the Prosecutor General Mr Maizītis and where also the Head of Secret Police Mr Reiniks, the Head of Latvian Security Service (SAB) Mr Kažociņš, the Head of the Saeima National Security commission Mr Jaundžeikars (LPP/LC), and the Minister of Defense Mr Veldre (TP) participate have a right to recommend only. The commission's findings were presented to the government, and government with one minister opposing (Broks (TB/LNNK) decided that Mr Loskutovs should leave his post as the head of KNAB. The final decision making power is within the parliament, thus it is the question now whether the Saeima shall make an emergency session about Mr Loskutovs prior Midsummer or not.

The PM decided to meet the president today but en route there his car collided with a minibus. After the accident Mr Godmanis was taken to the hospital with serious concussion and broken bone in his temple area reports LETA. According to the doctor Andrejs Pavārs from the Riga Hospital No.1 prime minister's condition is not serious, but he would not be able to return to his duties earlier than within a week.

In the meantime the Interior Minister Mareks Seglinš (TP) has lost his mind again (douze points!), because he sent a threatening sms message to the Diena journalist who dared to investigate affairs of People's Party (TP)! After his pronouncements last year he kept quiet for a while, but now such a sms message that would make any PM to demand his resignation. The Prime Minister is in hospital now, thus there is none to demand his resignation...


Latvian parliamentary motley opposition demanded resignation of the Minister of Defense and Minister of Agriculture. Reasons for such a request is the extremely vulnerable situation in fishing and dairy industries as well as pronouncements of Vinets Veldre (TP). The chair of the government was wobbling for some time already and now with the PM in the hospital would it really fall?

The governing coalition has 51+7 mandates in the parliament. Seven mandates has Fatherland Freedom party (TB/LNNK) and their leader Roberts Zīle already announced that his party members have a freedom to decide about Mr Loskutovs at their free will. The governing coalition does not have Mr Pabriks and Štokenbergs anymore, thus the QUESTION now is whether there will be solidification of the existing coalition with mandates from the Reconciliation Centre (SC) and Human Rights Party (FHRL)? Both SC and FHRL were vocal in their dissatisfaction about the existing government, and lets see whether it will also reflect in their voting behavior during upcoming days.


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