Saturday, June 28, 2008

Thank you KNAB!

The Anti Corruption Bureau (KNAB) was created five years ago in order to brake the traditional and corrupt networks of the Latvian post independence elite. Since March 2007 one may notice that the civil society is gradually forming out from the situation when Latvian peoples expectations and real life experiences have become incompatible. Latvian hordes in their tens of thousands protested against political elite that mismanage Latvia particularly during the last four years - not with STRIKES, but with leaving to Emerald island and misty Albion instead! Present taxation system is more appropriate to the country of the early 20th century, the money laundering is endemic, social infrastructure is barely surviving and corruption thrives.


Latvian minigarchic families and their godfathers are not happy with the KNAB, because it crushes fiefdoms built by the ill famous AAA team during the last 17 years. The Latvian cabinet gave a green light to lay off the incumbent head (Mr Loskutovs) of the KNAB. The final decision is within parliament and one still does not know whether there will be "ten brave MP's" who would demand (according to the Saeima procedures) to add the issue of Mr Loskutovs into the emergency session tomorrow. On Sunday Latvian motley opposition have demanded the vote of no confidence on ministers of Defense and Agriculture.

Members of intelligentsia as well as opposition New Era (JL), Civic Union (PS), and Society for Other Politics (SCP) parties have asked supporters to come in front of the parliament and, thus with their presence express their support to KNAB as an institution that quite successfully started ridding the republic from the corruption cancer.

I am in Istanbul now but in my thoughts I am with my friends who will be in front of the parliament. Shall see how considerable was the increase of budding civil society since the Cappuccino revolution last October? Even though many experts do not expect multitude of civil society members in front of the Saeima due to the Summer vacation time, still I am convinced that tomorrow's venue will most certainly act as a prelude to the ominous referendum on August 2, 2008!


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