Monday, February 9, 2009

Hallo - anyone still trusting the Latvian government!?

Returned back from Brussels yesterday and realized that nothing substantial has happened in Latvia during the week. Government spoekpersons continue to slowly deliver smug announcements about the refurbishing of the government facade. News just came in from the Statistics Bureau about the Latvian economy contracting -10,5% in the fourth quarter last year, and the unemployment reaching 8, 8% margin in January 2009. Instead of comparing this data with the one in Hungary, Slovakia or Netherlands the PM paints picture about the state of economy in truly apocalyptic colours in his official pronouncements. Last pearl from the head of the cabinet was his announcement during the Latvian TV evening news prior the vote of no confidence: ``that nobody will replace him at the rudder of Ms Latvia without elections, because he as a captain would rather go down with the ship...period! Lets see what kind of gems would follow an announcement about the latest macroeconomic data:)

People´s Party (PP) proposes their MP and a former musician Vents Armands Krauklis for the post of the Minister of Culture. It seems that the governing coalition parties are running not only short of time, but also of sensible candidates. Meanwhile Diena columnist, Ms Laila Pakalnina already openly speaks about the moral bankruptcy of the Latvia Ltd. political ``elite`` today... .

Text in Latvian:
(IMF sacks of money below)

Cartoon: Davis Nore

After surviving successful vote of no confidence the PM has become unapproachable. Ivars Godmanis announced that he is open for discussions about the expanded government. Consolidating opposition parties are shunning him and they consequently refuse to be added to already existing government as an addendum, and even the coalition parties are not content with the style of Godmanis government. In the NRA newsreel the head of the Union of Greens and Farmers (UGF) faction openly announces this morning that in the parliament there is already a feeling, that the end of the existing coalition government has arrived. Thus, Mr Brigmanis proposes a new and apolitical candidate for the new PM post, Mr Inesis Feiferis. Mr Brigmanis believes that Mr Feiferis would be the best candidate for the premiership during these dire straits. But I still cannot trust Mr Brigmanis, because just couple of month ago he was insisting that their PM candidate is the greatest ``benefactor`` of the UGF, Mr Lembergs. The sooner the president would make up his mind the better... .

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