Friday, February 20, 2009

Latvian political theatre continues: Episode Two

It is Friday morning and there are still no substantial changes in the way Latvia is governed. While the PM tours neighbouring Belarus, the president participated in the morning TV news and announced, "that Latvian political parties keep their own interests above the interests of the Republic of Latvia." It is hard to tell whether the president really comprehends what he is saying, or it is another speech in a row of inconsequential announcements. The fact is that the People' s Party (PP) is meeting the president today, and the PP would be given a chance to underline the strengths of their master plan for increasing efficiency of the Latvian civil service. The very plan PP sticks to was already severely criticized by the Head of the State Audit office Ms Ingūna Sudraba, Iveta Kažoka from "Providus", and also the PM's party wanted to have clear answer to ten questions concerning the proposed reform of the state administrative apparatus.
In the meantime the head of the Union of Greens and Farmers (UGF) faction in the parliament Mr Brigmanis announced that all coalition parties should announce today that they are giving up support for the PM government if the PM cannot do it himself. Such announcement after the same UDF did not support the Cabinet's vote of no confidence two weeks ago sounds simply crazy, but lately the sudden change of mind has become a real trademark of Latvian politicians, unfortunately.

The president is allowing the free fall of Latvian government until the March 31 with his ominous announcement after the return from Strasbourg in early January. I am afraid that he does not understand the magnitude of problems in Latvia, and the sooner he would make up his mind about calling for early elections the better. Latvian political parties have already started election campaigning and on this front nothing has changed. Certain governing coalition parties smugly believe that majority of Latvian society is inadequately educated and it is possible to buy them with shallow propaganda again.
With the free fall of the government also the Latvian economy continues its downward spiralling. Except the coming spring weather there is nothing to cheer about. Somehow the feeling never leaves me, while talking on the streets or following political talk shows and radio interviews, that nobody is really in charge in this country now, brrrr

Text in Latvian: I somehow wonder, why do I have a feeling that I am pouring this money into some kind of hole...

Cartoon: Gatis Šļūka


Obsorver of Latvia's bitter comedy said...

Well, I expect Your post to be updated any minute, because the PM is gone by now.

Let us now, how will receive a prize as most precise voter on Your "snap-election- poll" that had been running for half a year, I believe. :)

So Your wish has come true- government gone. Would You please let us now Your comments on next government possible structures-
a. will president be loyal to those who picked him at the zoo: Mr Riekstiņš or Mr ("rock'n 'roller from Kuldiga") Zalāns?
b. JL running for Mrs Sudraba- I wonder will she be able to gather competent government and not get dirty in this political mess?
c.SC with Mr Urbonovičs and ZZS with no plan- gotta be kidding?

Anonymous said...

ah soory, Lembergs for ZZS.

Come on, lol..

Baltic said...

To Observer:

If Latvian politicians would be as good at governing their state as calm Northnerners then half of the problem would have been solved. They lack such knowledge&skills, thus it took half a year for government to fall indeed...:)

My hunch from what I have heard is that there are 2 options for future PM. Either Riekstins (PP) or Aboltina (New Era). Riekstins could score better for PP prior upcoming elections and he has better nomenklatura support (former Komsomol apparatchik) than the Kuldiga Harry poter look alike, thus PP support would be built around him (if agreement with New Era would be made about calling off early elections).

Aboltina would be proposed for the transitional government and after early elections Dombrovskis would be the one, if the New Era, Civic Union and SCP would continue pushing for early elections.

I am excluding ZZS-UGF, because they are biggest rivals of PP in municipal elections and that party (UGF) union politicians are the least loved among the existing party political elite:)

On Monday we would already learn about nuts and bolts in the party political kitchen. Situation is already boiling within the New Era. Harmony Centre are ready to work, ZZS ready to loose everything:), BUT the central theme of the negotiations prior the newly formed coalition - would there be a drive for early elections?

Lets wait and see:)

Baltic said...

to Observer:

+ Sudraba or Piebalgs should not have opportunities because the president already announced that he would choose party representatives (but its not 100% sure because he loves to change his mind:)

Anonymous said...

Kuldiga Harry poter :DD fell of the chair..

So what You are saying is: PP's strategy to over set the government so that they can take part in to next one has fulfilled itself (despite the fact that fat owner of "the 7 fat years" comes from the same party)?