Monday, February 16, 2009

Latvian political theatre continues: Episode One

Latvian political developments are not even comic anymore. The Latvian president announced last Friday night, that he lost his trust in the Latvian Prime Minister Godmanis. Rather many pundits encouraged the president to demand the resignation of PM, but they probably forgot about the Latvian Constitution, that entitles only the parliament to demand the resignation of the Cabinet. Nevertheless, after that ominous announcement the president summoned the PM to the Riga Castle this afternoon. After four hours of discussions between the two politicians the president announced that he convinced the PM to reconsider his initial plan to postpone the refurbishing of the existing government. After that the Prime Minister recognized that his plan was too harsh after all, therefore he agreed that the plan of his rival People's Party (PP) is more down to the earth, and he would probably ignite another plan for "remodelling the Ms Latvia sails in the open seas of the global economic storm". Even the lacklustre president managed to get dry out of water according to "the Latvian standards", because he simply announced that he trusts the PM again (!), and he also sticks to his March 31, 2009 deadline (who can trust that there is any (?) deadline in this Latvian wonderland anymore).

No more comment tonight, and lets wait till the Episode II of this badly staged theatre.

Text in Latvian: But!! Yes! No! However...

Cartoon: Vladimirs

P.S. For those of you reading Latvian here is my Diena piece.


corinne said...

Hi Veiko
First a great thank for your blob, so rich, so helpful and so full of Latvia ! I really like it a lot.
My comment here to ask you smth : I'm looking for the popularity ratings 'or confidence or trust) of A. Godmanis (or PM or government) in Latvia for 2008 (at least six measures). Do you know where I could find those date? Unfortunately, I don't speak any Latvian (or so little!). If you could help me with that, I'll really appreciate.
Have a nice day, I'll keep reading in the exciting coming months!
my mail
I'm working in a political science university in Paris.

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