Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Rõõmsat Eesti Vabariigi Aastapäeva! *

* Merry Anniversary of the Republic of Estonia!

It is the ninety first anniversary of the Northernmost of the Baltic States, and there is a military parade in Narva today. The tradition to have military parades in different Estonian cities makes different parts of Estonia to feel being part of res publica. Corrupt and selfish politicians particularly during the years of economic boom, that coincided with the time when Estonia joined the European Union, tarnished the ideals of republic. Nevertheless, I honestly believe that there are enough patriotic and honest enough politicians in Estonia to form a critical mass for leading Estonia through today's economically turbulent times. Trust of the population in Eesti Vabariik and their representatives is stable, although the support for political parties declined across all the political spectrum due to curbing of public expenses lately. There are certain opposition parties in Estonia who care more about the well being of single politician and his lobbies, but its not the domestic politics I am here to write today.

Major reason for typing onto my keyboard today is the fact that I am celebrating the birthday of the Republic of Estonia. I am writing while simultaneously listening to the Estonian Broadcasting Corporation emission from the Skiing World Championships, where couple of days ago Andrus Veerpalu became the World Champion in the 15 km classical race! Estonia is my spiritual home not just because my mother is Estonian or because I studied at the University of Tartu, but foremost due to the vital Estonian people giving me enormous positive energy! Thus, to all my Estonian friends wherever you are now - SUURIMAD ŌNNESOOVID!!

During my last visit to Estonia I purchased a movie "Singing Revolution", that I suggest all the folks who are "hooked on Baltics" must see. Ominous songs of Tõnis Mägi inspired me already in the late 1980', when I had an opportunity to listen to him for the first time during the Independence Rock Concert ("Roks par Neatkarību") in the Riga old Sports Palace. I tend to hum his visionary song [The Dawn] whenever I am in contemplative mood. Whenever I visit Estonia the feeling never leaves me that the message from this powerful song reached the hearts and souls of Estonian people. Thus, to finish here I only hope that the similarly ominous lyrics of Auseklis and Jāzeps Vītols "Gaismas Pils" would reach the hearts and souls of Latvian folks one day! If Latvians and other folks wonder what kind of gospel visionary Tõnis Mägi delivered twenty years ago, then I have added lyrics of this song below.

"KOIT" - The Dawn (1988)

Again it’s time to stand up straight and cast off our shackles
That everything once created could together be born again
It’s dawn, a majestic blaze, Victory of the light awakes the land
Free is the horizon, and the first ray will soon touch the land
A call to break down it all, that we could freely breathe again
See, the ice has broken, let’s join our hands and forces
With wisdom, collective wisdom, with collective might, we can do it all
Ahead is the only road, the road to freedom, there can be no other
The might, the power of light, the people of freedom, let’s go together
With a joyful cry on our lips, see, the giant has freed himself
Faith leads us onward, and a heavenly beam accompanies us
So there’s only one step to victory, a short, short step
It’s the land, our sacred fatherland, that now will be free
The song, our song of victory, will continue, and soon you’ll see Estonia free!

Music and lyrics by Tõnis Mägi

On jälle aeg selg sirgu lüüaja heita endalt orjarüü,
et loomishoos kõik loodukoos võiks sündida uuesti.
On koit, kuninglik loit,valguse võit äratab maa.
Prii on taevapiir, esimene kiirlangemas on maale.
Hõik - murrame kõik,et vabana saaks hingata taas.
Näe - on murdunud jääulatagem käed, ühendagem väed.
Nõul, ühisel nõul,ühisel jõul, me suudame kõik.
Ees on ainus tee, vabaduse teeteist ei olla saagi.
Võim, valguse võimpriiuse hõim, läheme kooshuulil rõõmuhüüd
Näe, on kaljust käe kätte saanud hiid.
Usk edasi viib, taevane kiirsaatmas on meid
Nii - on võiduni jäänud veel üks sammlühike samm, samm
Maa, isademaa, on püha see maa, mis vabaks nüüd saab
Laul, me võidulaul, kõlama see jääb, peagi vaba Eestit näed!

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