Thursday, October 18, 2007

Capuccino Revolution (updated)

It was a rainy morning in Riga and regardless of the early hour around 3000 to 4000 Latvian citizens gathered around the Saeima to protest against stealing the democratic state away from them. There is a flicker of hope and revolutionary fervor in the air. Because the peaceful demonstration ended prior cafe's opened the only place open was the French bakery next to the Riga military baracks. To drink capuccino amidst elated souls who came into bakery and see people getting in from the rainy street and taking hoods (capucco in Italian) off made me think about the name of the popular movement - CAPUCCINO REVOLUTION!

The PM already announced from Lisbon that he would not back off due to the popular pressure, and it would mean that popular pressure shall only increase. Just talking with ordinary citizens around Saeima made me realize, that it is a revolutionary awakening among the Latvian public. Naked cynicism of the political elite in yesterday's Kas notiek Latvijā? TV show was the last drop in the chalice of endurance. The show exposed how distant the governing elite is from an average voter. Arguments about suspending the head of the Anti-Corruption agency Mr Aleksejs Loskutovs were phony, and except Prosecutor General none of the government members had any tangible arguments. The most ironic issue with government suspending Mr Loskutovs was, that the only legal expert (Prosecutor general) was against his suspension, but legal amateurs, who did not really have arguments about his guilt still managed to vote against his mandate.

The Minister of Interior Ivars Godmanis admitted that PM and Mr Loskutovs could not work together, thus the reason why government voted almost unanimously (with Mr Broks abstaining and fired from his post immediately) was the fact that two gentelmen could not work together. Thus, Mr Godmanis admitted that after governmental vote the only option for future coexistence of Mr Kalvītis and Loskutovs is leaving the decision to Saeima, thus admitting, that if Saeima votes against government's motion then government must fall. Huh, huh, it is a tangible result from the situation just couple of days ago, when the coalition looked rock solid.

Opposition New Era (JL) and Reconciliation Centre (SC) parties demanded non-confidence vote on existing government today. Parliament was not ready to vote the suspension of Mr Loskutovs today. Members of the governing coalition have come out with admission, that the government of Mr Kalvītis is a liability, but asking to wait for PM to come back from Lisbon (he is flying in on Friday, October 19 at 22:00).

Prelude of the Capuccino Revolution already passed. It is important for opposituion JL and SC to coordinate their work and press the president to disband the parliament, because metamorphosis of the existing MP's into a new governing pack would lead nowhere. For managing the overheated economy and overhauling Soviet education, healthcare and public administration systems legitimacy of political system is needed. It is IMPOSSIBLE to achieve such tasks with the parliament where 11 members have been accused in corruptive deals by KNAB, when People's and First Christian parties illegaly "bought their votes" and stole elections in October 2006.

I believe capuccino is tasty enough for majority of Latvian citizens. Thus, be vigilant citizens, and after Saeima is going to be dispersed by president (unrelenting pressure of opposition parties and active involvement of citizenry needed) freedom loving citizens can deservedly allow to have a Capuccino Party!!!


It is 15:00 CET and just announced that Latvian PM is cancelling the informal EU heads of states meeting in Portugal and returning back to Riga. President unexpectedly called People's Party (TP) and Union of Greens and Farmers to consult them for possible new premiership. It means that coalition has written incumbent PM off and government falls. The question is about new prime minister and there are miryad of candidates. Roberts Zīle (MEP and TB/LNNK) could be a good candidate, but would he be willing to give up tranquility of French rural surroundings for government overhaul of Latvia? His premiership could be the only hope for TB/LNNK to survive as an independent entity. Other coalition members do understand it and would TP reconcile the loss of premiership and possible bankruptcy of the party next week with their junior coalition party member (who actually screwed them by not accepting the position of the Minister of Economics) becoming PM, I doubt so. There are thus many disagreements among the coalition members, that dispersement of the Saeima is a lot more predictable outcome, even if it will take a depressingly long time. Eventually, time constraints (passing next year's budget) could actually make dispersing of the parliament a swiftly a'la cafe expresso!!

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