Monday, December 4, 2006

Back from Tartu

Returned back from Tartu and caught a little virus, heh, heh. Tartu surprised me with a row of new buildings and very hype atmosphere!

Allan Park (known also as Park junior) is sitting next to me now and trying to grasp the importance of some Estonian scriptures. In few hours I shall take him to the airport where he shall use services of Rynair and fly to Stockholm Skavsta. Why the hell it is Stokholm Skavsta if the airport actually is situated in Linköping?

Latvian government decided that up to 80% dicount for the AirBaltic and Rynair companies would be continued even though the European Commission has pronounced that it is distorting the EU competition law. Shall we see another legal row and Latvian taxpayers paying due to the hotspur decisions of the Latvian transport supremo?

It is raining here today and its December 4 - perhaps global warming in action?


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