Wednesday, December 13, 2006

City Council meeting

It was a busy, busy day. Students came at the last possible time to discuss about their future BA and course thesis's. I do remember that I was a student as well, but the way students do not understand how to find information is just amazing. Imagine, I had to explain one female student today, that she may actually retrieve information in 21'st century from in EU country - Latvia:)

The local council meeting is over with the same results - no rational discussion. All questions were answered with the same legalistic dry talk moderated by the head of the town council - a former militiaman.

Simply do not want to think about it anymore. On top of that on the Latvian TV evening news I learned that Prime Minister Kalvitis promised the sugar-beet farmers that sugar industry would still flourish in Latvia. Prime Minister, admit that it is a lie, because it is impossible for sugar industry to flourish without government subsidies! It was the EU who agreed in the WTO trade talks to abolish subsidies for sugar-beet farmers! Instead, Mr. Kalvitis you could tell to your ardent electoral supporters honestly that you want to help them to transform their business and find them work - isn't it Peoples Party (PP) who whines about the lack of qualified workforce? There is absolute inconsistency in your public pronouncements PP, because one day you support Construction companies association in their wish to bring in cheap Bulgarian, Romanian and Ukrainian labour force, but on the other you support loss-making sugar-beet industry in Jelgava and Liepaja. Common, some factories just hearing that sugar refineries might close already announced about their wish to emply redundant workers!!

Mr. Kalvitis, you just won Latvian elections and you can't find a better timing for such an announcement? My suggestion to you - announce that government will compensate and retrain sugar-beet farmers, that Latvian consumers will pay less for the sugar, and everybody will be better off, including you Mr. Kalvitis:)

lai veicas,


p.s. I do not understand why Latvian politicians so often play zero - sum games, haven't they learned that win-win startegies also exist:)

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