Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Iggy Pop in Arena Riga

Just returned from work via Arena Riga where Iggy Pop and his band were playing. At least 10 friends from tallinn and tartu were there as well and it was warm to see them in Riga. Actually they expressed certain respect to Riga, because Iggy Pop had chosen Riga as the only spot to sing in the Baltic States.

Personally I am no9t a fan of his and Arena Riga was full of young teenagers and young people in punk rock clad. Iggy himself is about 60 years old and still rocking half naked. It was a good performance to his fans but the overall atmosphere was a bit tiresome to me, perhaps getting older:)

Anyway, the reason I am writing this is because another idea popped into my mind whilst in the Arena Riga. The first thing that came into my mind was my own father - I CANT imagine him rocking on the stage:) Then recalling my own memory I reminded myself that we were living behind the Iron curtain, and thus only now the rock'n roll icons are touring the former ''paradise of peasants & workers''.

Another fact that Iggy' s dancing reminded me is the fact that in todays global world there are many singers popping up from many newly industrialised countries. In the meantime technology changes rapidly and musicians cant simply rely on good LP, hit and then sit on their laurels. Entertainment industry is hellish competitive and perhaps after some time we shall see some rock' n roll veterans squeezing last juices out of themselves in order to earn their daily bread?


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