Thursday, December 14, 2006

New Constitutional Court members

There were three new government appointed members of the Latvian Constitutional Court elected by Latvian Saeima today. Saeima is planning to appoint its own candidate for the Constitutional Court, the Ombudsman poorly financed institution (with Peoples Party (PP) member Ringolds Balodis as a prime candidate) early next year as well, and all this in hellish haste, why? I have a question to Ringolds Balodis whether he understands that Ombudsman institution is really to help the public against the omnipresent depredations of the state, even in such a small corporate state as Latvia?

I believe that the EU membership implies that it is not so easy to brake the constitutional checks and balances system. However, the low level of education in Latvia and almost 100 000 people already hemorraged out of Latvia does remind me about the true causes of disfunctional liberal democracy in Latvia - they are, above all, existence of traditional and conservative (what means conservative in post-Soviet state?) authority system and lack of transparent revenue reporting system. Again and again we come back to the PP, because it was them who said that they are winners of the October 2006 elections and they promised that revenue reporting system would be implemented as from January 2008.

But wait a minute, the fact that PP names itself a winner with 23 seats in the 100 member parliament is partially right. Nominally they have majority of the seats, but what means majority if the next three parties got - New Era (18), Farmers Union (18) and Reconciliation Centre party (17)? Coalition government in liberal democracy really means the rule of the majority with the respect to the minority, because in next elections (and European and municipal elections are not behind mountains) you may find yourselves in reversed positions? But why am I aimlessly having a monologue here? Because I predict that Latvija in 4 years will find itself in deep recession. So needed reforms of education system, tax code and municipal administrative system have not even started or have been stalledand. Latvian politicians find it more feasible to work for short term goals and there are no long term visions whatsoever, unfortunately.

There is omenous sentence inscribed above the hall of the Latvian council of ministers - ''One legal code, one truth to all!!! However, more and more often after the elections of October 2006 these are the highest servants of the state who blatantly breach this inscription....sad:(


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