Monday, December 4, 2006

Competition Council and Transport Supremo at loggerheads

Latvian Transport Supremo in Latvian language media lacks appreciation for his unending efforts to attract money into Latvia. It is a good idea but Mr Slesers forgets that he is not a businessman but POLITICIAN. That means that he cant work like bulldozer forever disregarding interests of other members of society. Transport supremo might note that the will of the majority of the Latvian people was to elect the right wing government.

Here he is partially right because he knows too well how he paid for the third party advertisements during the election campaign this September. Another aspect about the victory of the right wing coalition is the fact that the only virtue of the right wing coalition is naked individualism of couple or three oligarchs. If you truly care about righ wing ideals then why was there decision no to lower income tax? And what about the fiscal discipline -why is there budget deficit at such volatile times when greenback is shaky? Look into Estonian record you members of ruling coalition (aye, aye Minister of Finance Spurdzins does not like this caomparison at all)!

Transport Supremo knows basic business techniques but I soemhow feel that the business practice he preaches is still pretty ''wild Eastern'' or if you want it to sound politically correct it is post-Soviet. Mr Slesers insistance on the rate of the discount for Rynair and Air Baltic is transparent, so KNAB isnt it suspicious? What makes me worried is the ''good practice'' of transport supremo to blame others as incompetent (blaming Ieva Jaunzeme, Director of the Latvian Competition Council in Diena, 05.12.2006). The manner of blame is the traditional Soviet style wish to see conspiracy behind decisions of the Competition Council, but in reality it allows some hotspur activist to puch through his political ambitions or to blame others for his or her own lack of initiative.

WAKE UP Slesers and other likeminded folks - Competition Council is collective organization and its statutes specifically mandates it to care about the public good! It means Mr Slesers that your care of millions of Rynair and Air Baltic passengers (any clue that majority of them are Brits for example) are at loggerheads with Ms Jaunzeme who has to think about 2mlj. taxpayers including you Mr.Slesers!


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