Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Agony forever

The sheer size of open and subtle breeches of contitutional norms in Latvia shows how distant an average mindset of the Latvian political elite is from an average mindset of any mindset of the political elite in the West, South and North from Latvia. When governing coalition wants to achieve their goals as set in their party programs it is obvious that tactics of political blackmail and propaganda is used within confines of the constitution. In this country understanding of commonly accepted rules, legal norms and laws are breached at will. Opposition parties remind the governing coalition that nobody should be above the law. Ironically just behind the PM there is the latter message in Latvian in the government council hall - 'viens likums, viena tainiba visiem'. MP' s from the governing coalition parties throught their advisors cum PR geeks respond that they have the mandate to pass the law, thus inherently saying that they make laws just for themselves!

The distance between the governing coalition and the citizenry was exemplified yesterday in the TV evening news again. Famous composer Imants Kalnins (MP-TB/LNNK) smugly considered those 5000 members protesting against illegal suspension of Mr Loskutovs in front of the Saeima as mere unintelligent herd brough there by some foreign conspiracies. Imants Kalnins, Raimonds Pauls (MP-People's Party) and other members of intelligentsia in power are prime examples of the post totalitarian governing elite coopting them into government. On the other side there is intelligentsia who is smugly against any government, and unfortunately there is nothing in between.

Agony of the present elite continues and I do not see any reconciliation possible after, thus many examples of ministers and MP's forget that they are representatives of their electors and openly laugh about stupid voters. The political crisis in Latvia continues and Transparency International local organization Delna has opened series of small demonstrations in front of the parliament, for raising public avareness about the endemic corruption in Latvia (they had around 200 protesters today). Trade Unions started collecting signatures for making constitutional amendments, thus giving a right for the 1/10 of electors to initiate disbursement of the parliament. Presently only the president is endowed with such a capacity. In addition, there is next huge rally in support of democracy in Latvia coming.


Next rally to defend democratic governance in Latvia would convene on November 3 in the Dome square. Cappuccino revolution or continuous agony of the crony capitalists in Latvia until peaceful Christmass is the nexus of political raison d'etre today.

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