Sunday, October 28, 2007

Interregnum continued....

It is really funny to listen the PM uttering his pronouncements about returned stability in Latvian government, when about 13 000 people might arrive to Riga the coming Saturday to demonstrate AGAINST the iresponsible and utterly cynical governance style of the present governing coalition. With overheated economy, two digit inflation and current account numbers, and outpuring workforce government offers situation when three ministers must perform tasks of two employees (minister of Finance also works as Regional affairs minister, minister of Culture tries to curate foreign affairs, and minister of Justice also tries to cope with Latvia's fledling economy).

In the meantime "Latvijas Fakti" pollster announced latest opinion polls. The question asked was: "what party you would vote for, if elections would take place today?"

Party August September October
Reconciliation Centre 11,1% 9,4% 12,5%
New Era 7,2% 7% 11%
Union of Greens and Farmers 10,9% 11% 6,4%
People’s Party 10,3% 12% 4,8%
TB/LNNK 2,9% 3,7% 4,6%
PCTVL 4,9% 5,7% 3,8%
LPP/LC 3,9% 4,1 % 2,7%
Have not decided 23,3% 21,2% 31,4%
Will no participate 16,5% 19% 17,1%

According to this data only one member of the governing coalition, the Union of Greens and Farmers might squeeze into the parliament (experiencing the fall of -4,6 percentage points). TP, TB/LNNK, and LPP/LC are morally bancrupt and the MOST DRAMATIC fall has experienced TP - minus 7,2 percentage points! Common, Prime Minister, does not this number teach you something??

The increased number of swing and alienated voters shows that the time is ready for a new political party. Former minister or Regional Affairs is trying to consolidate dissatisfied members of the political elite around himself, and he has even contacted the former president Vaira Vīķe Freiberga. Shall see how his business evolves, because there is a still a whole week to go until the mass rally in the November 3, 2007.

Aye, I almost forgot to say that just prior the weekend started the Prosecutor's office announced that former speaker of the parliament (Indulis Emsis) was fined for giving false statements to the judiciary. The first member of the "list of stipend receivers" has fallen from grace, and there are still very many MP's and ministers waiting for judiciary to say its last word.

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